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around the world is like

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first locate the identity of the author's writing, which is very important. Of rich life experiences, real identity may be difficult to single, but the image of the book is clear: He is the Chinese reform, chief architect of Deng Xiaoping English translation of the 1980s, and then travel around the world a few years later became China Reform of interpretation and apologist.China's reform and chief architect of Deng Xiaoping English translation, is now doing China's reform interpreter. Knowledge and experience of traveling to get almost all the work for interpretation, travel around the world is like picking up the mission. It also decided to nike air max 2015 saleexplain his 30 years later is still stuck in a pattern of 30 years ago. Chiang Ching-kuo's English secretary Ma, may be a crappy legislators, but after all, is the legislator, had to stand the current and future position in structural thinking and action. Deng's English translation is just a interpreter, perhaps he thought stood a structural position on the current and future, but the book shows that he really is just the return of those who travel around the world.He earned a worldwide knowledge, but the book did not find a worldwide pattern. World in him only a

comparative perspective, rather than the unity of vision. This determines the return of those who travel around the world, but interpreter, as opposed to traveling to the return of Confucius. Confucius always look at the nations he traveled with unity vision.The author is with the kind of comparative perspective or approach to relations with regard to travel to return it  We first look at people in their daily common understanding of the comparative method or easy encounter traps. Once people agree on nike air max 90 hyperfuse salea specific object in particular, generally concludes from abstract principles demonstrate their recognition of legitimacy. This built on the legitimacy of most wins in the abstract principles of object recognition in other objects. The fact is, in most cases, because these people do not have to reflect the abstract principles of sexual identity and make a rational choice, but because the first recognition of objects. Winning cognitive not necessarily based on the principle of exact abstract administered to other objects on top of, and often because of other objects with the principle of direct and abstract inconsistent. People end up living in a figurative, but also ultimately figurative mechanism in the

human role to play. Introduced in the comparison of abstract principle, of course, is the need for unity of self-consciousness, but often because of the lack of appropriate people at Qingming and the figurative and abstract comparison of Confusion. We might call this kind of disorder figurative abstract perversion of Comparative Law.We found that China beyond the author of the book, together with the Americans caught in figurative abstraction of perversion.Analysis of Chinese American DreamWe can put the contents of the book is divided into two parts, one is the Chinese American dream analysis, part of the American Dream Analysis of China. We look at how the Chinese author made the American dream analysis.The author believes the United States to nike air max 95 cheapcalculate the size of the Chinese economy or ability level, or the way a problem. If the United States is calculated using the statistics, China's economy still lags far behind. Then use another set of calculations, the results are high overall level of Chinese economy. What does it mean that the two sets of calculations it In fact, any set of mature or common method of calculation, means to calculate the object's definition, especially, that the socio-economic

edge belongs to the kind of

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of people around the total. A rare opportunity, I quickly follow up, go strike up a conversation. But Jing Ge legs, go faster, I want to catch him unless run. Run up approached too deliberate, I do not agree. Too obvious intentions often do not accomplish anything, let alone approached in the corridor where comparable Cuxi talk in the dorm. Such a thought, I slowed down, he would have preferred to mention trot son, early into the dormitory. As I hope, he walked briskly, open and agile, instant shut the door, and became Wengzhongzhibie, waiting for me to knock on the door to visit. I knocked on the door of the hand has been over his head, but did not dare to start hanging in the air. Because, I found a note on the door Zhang, a letter: in writing, do not interfere. Black and white, brush completed, particularly eye-catching. Knock, knock or not  This is a problem. I am thin-skinned, heat intolerance face was cold ass burns, chose not to. I comfort myself, next time.Next come very late (too late), after three years (perhaps four years, my memory is getting years of being betrayed) day summer afternoon, I suddenly received a phone Jing Song, said he in Tibet tomorrow to fly to Chengdu, asked me not at home (when

 I Shangju Cheng Du). I was in the fortunate VIP reception, even if not have to come back. So, I finally have a song and Jing belated knee to knee and talk, a good talk. It is this phase Huan hate late, the conversation, put our relationship rose rapidly from classmates to a friend, contact the increasing number of increasingly intimate conversation topic. Not every student can become friends, it is not a cordial exchange of each can be developed into friendship. Jing song I sense the edge belongs to the kind of love cast Yihe: Although the first to get up late, but the road goes far. Now we can talk about anything, something to talk over, no can ensure that the day matter Xiakan; meet exhilaration, but not the long-term it does not matter, do not arrest on etiquette, nike air max thea womensfestivals texting, mouthing tired.Saying in 2008 (again a few years later), I went to Suzhou, naturally want to report Jing song. In the evening, Jing Song hosted with the gang to Chijiu with me. Strange, half of these people are painting, during talks are mostly painting and in fact, far with literature, nor closer. I wonder which is sorts, Jing Song told the truth: he is now Fall in love with painting, hold the brush daily practices on rice paper, only amateur to write novels. I listened, my heart suddenly filled with a panic happiness.What am I happy  A competitor did not. A friend is a friend, the opponent is the opponent, two different things,

parallel lines. I've always wanted to catch up with simmering fresh dude, catch was stumbling over was slaving away, wait for him stumble, I did not expect him to rip, bend beneath look at the scenery. Haha, this is not a godsend thing. Dude, hello beautiful scenery it, the literary world is too small, you crowded me, now you do not go quietly, do not take a cloud, I am very happy. You hold the brush in the future, I get a pen, kept themselves, this is the ideal relationship between friends. At that time I really think so, perhaps inevitably some selfish wretched.Time flies, time again in the past few years, Jing songs with a brush on rice paper running all the way, under a large circle of beautiful mountains and rivers, and today came to lead us on a tour, as if such a can ensure that the day Gongchengmingsui landlords. And my pen was lying half-dead on the manuscript, like a snake dish winter, spring has been holed up in the mountains that one, the other side of the glass. In other words, look at the scenery Jing song, I was in sleep. Now I finally understand that I was a slut, slackers, went to Jing Ge opponent, nobody pumping whip, nobody led by the nose rope, lazy I have already become a waste. So, Jing song, I earnestly hope that as soon as you put down the brush, repeat pens, shouted to me: I'm back. Read and comment on Zhang Wei for new book Beyond China: a civilized country glory and dream, we must

can ensure that the day

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is that you should do it  Toss the elderly and fast boyfriend died, this town is that you should do is it My aunt said to me: Before that day, your brother is pretty good body, the doctor said as long as the relaxed state of mind, you can ensure that the day after the New Year, but after your brother's body was to die, a nap before sleep, physical enough. normal daily routine, but after that day, several times a day to lie, from that day onwards, your brother's body as one day, the last to know about to die, so he roots. Li Siyu, even such a thing that you are doing it, my brother never seen before how sick you are of him, and he in the end what nike air max thea menskind of endurance can give you seven years  What the hell are you in the end After my brother back in Yantai, has been in the hospital, one day I gave my brother aunt shampoo, shampoo was brought back home from Beijing, and just to put on the head of my brother, my brother said he planned to wash Hearing Fashui wipe, it was Li Siyu shampoo taste, showing her how to hate my brother.One day I asked my aunt, brother, want to see Li Siyu in the side, my brother told my aunt said, I just hate her now.Li Siyu, my brother has terminal cancer, and you can not let him  Let him

finish the last leg of quiet not  Why are you so viciously, and programs in completely different.I came home on the 20th of this month, when not on the plane to go home just like my mom went to the hospital to see my brother, but returned home to hear this sad news.My mother said: Your brother in the end no one like it, has lost can no longer lost, or to leave an impression on your brother in a time when he is healthy.Brother, I'm sorry, I could not send you back, aunt told me that on October 4, we see nike air max 90 hyperfuse womensyou.Other insiders said Li Siyu event, we can also look to use even famous words, time flies, I'm fucking old too fast. I'm sorry, I said foul language, I am ready to make over the next use pedantic language. Twelve years ago, on the occasion of the late summer early autumn, Jing song from heaven corner Suzhou departure, I set out from the center of Chengdu Tianfu; but end by passers, we invariably come to Dong Si ring outside a place called shilipu adding a temporary organization: the first young writers senior seminar, four months period. This organization than height, nor more than wealth, more than cute dimples on his face there, but still put us than Jing song anymore. At the time Jing songs on novels

 worthy of thunder is healthy, the word, in order to read his published in the harvest work Flower City on Zhongshan, I had to pay a lot of sleepless nights annually . He informed by text, I love this man never met. I even have a feeling that I left his wife and other children, boss gone there, just to see Jing song.But Jing song is not so easy to see, although the same in one class, sharing a building. I mean meet separately. This opportunity not think the same people at your fingertips. I live on the third floor, Jing song live on the second floor, which is a problem. Of course, this is not a big problem, after all, only separated by a layer, nike air max 90 hyperfuse womensand have two staircases; Jing song if willing, flight time, I can go to his room for half a minute. The problem is I do not know if he would not want to see me, there is no time. Time Well, some people say, like a woman's cleavage, squeeze squeeze always there. After all, the biggest problem is willing - he would not want to see me. This question is not answered alone think, only tests.One afternoon, after class, I found one rare earth Jing song alone downstairs, went to the hostel. Previously, long Jing song out of the dormitory, surrounded by a group

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